Plug into the sun!

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  • Our communities greatly benefit from the presence of carport charging stations to encourage green energy in our transportation. Pictured here: solar canopy with charging stations at Noor Ul Iman School (Monmouth Junction, NJ).

  • The project at Masjid Al-Wali is complete! Pictured here: solar PV system on the roof of Masjid Al-Wali (Edison, NJ).

  • A monitor will be installed in all buildings so community members can have a visual representation of how much energy their solar PV system is providing and how much their carbon footprint is being reduce each day, month, and year. We hope this will incite in our community an understanding of the great benefits of renewable energy, encourage greener practices at home, and drive us all to get involved in caring for the environment.

Our Goal

Our Goal is INSHALLAH to sign up over 100 families to participate in this effort and so far we have made good progress