Plug into the sun!

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The energy needs and demands of our organizations, schools, and houses of worship can be met with solar PV systems. We have developed a cost-effective strategy for building solar PV systems utilizing the three renewable energy rebates that currently exist: the Solar Renewable Energy Credits (SRECs), Accelerated Depreciation (5-yr MACRS), and the Federal Tax Rebate (FTR). The SRECs will be used to finance nearly 40% of the upfront cost of the solar PV system from through PSE&G. The Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS) is another incentive to promote commercial solar. This incentive will help convert the ownership of the system to organizations at a faster pace—5-6 years to be exact. FTR is the third solar-type rebate and allows our company group to write off up to 30% of the cost of the system in Federal Tax Rebate savings.

The remaining 25% ($225K) of the cost that is to be paid by our group can still be brought down by using the parent referral and home solar companies’ incentive plan, contributions and savings. For every parent we refer for a commercial home solar PV system our group gets over $500-$1,000 referral incentive.

Recognizing the great benefit of fitting our schools and centers with Solar PV systems, after all these amazing savings, is only one piece of the story. The greater accomplishment here is coming together as a community that is green and earth friendly. Community members will be a part of this great movement towards environmental friendliness—a global movement that dovetails the teachings of our faith and of our Prophet (PBUH).

We are intent on helping Muslim communities throughout the area reap the benefits of our program. The idea is to expand our current plan and develop a few more projects before the year 2020, at which point some of these government incentive plans will end. Moreover, only 14 years are left in the SREC benefit plan as it stands today (where you can sell any renewable energy credit). As such, it is important that these projects, for the school and for homes, are undertaken soon so that we can reap the benefits of these savings.

Solar Photovoltaic System: These systems will be fitted according to the layout of your community space and the amount of energy your community space requires. We can build the solar PV system on the roof of the building, or we can build a canopy over your parking lot. Other options will be explored according to the needs of the community with which we are working.

We are working with the following three companies in an effort to help our campuses and community go green with solar energy.

  • Sunrun Solar
  • OnForce Solar
  • Astrum (Direct Energy) Solar